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2008-06-27 11:14:34 by Ms-Bowser

Thanks to all the praise and appreciation (from my small but great fanbase) I am longing, desperately, to make another submission! :D
I would love to make a sequel, or another adventure game.

But right now I am working on a pretty big RPG project. Pretty different than Nocturnal Letters I'm afraid...

However.. I still have dark ideas lurking around the corner, so something will come....sooner or later! ^_^

Whatever the next finished project will be I'll let you know! Every person who has given me good critque, or added me (or NL) to their fav. list.. I will send you a message.
And hopefully you will not have forgotten me..o_O

Thank you!


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2009-02-01 01:24:18

No problem, we hope the next flash will be a success!