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2010-12-26 13:59:49 by Ms-Bowser

Wow.. I just found a video review on youtube about how shitty this game is.
I'm perfectly aware of the problems this game has... But when people intensely hate every single part of it...that makes me so sad.

I want to say THANK YOU so much everyone who liked this game, I'm happy that there at least are a few of you. I LOVE YOU! <3

Don't be haters. It's pointless and cruel.


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2011-01-21 17:44:00

Was it the retsupurae review? I thought, while harsh, their commentary was funny. And their review was how I found, and played your game. Like I said in my comment, I would love to see what you make in the future. So don't let the haters getcha down. :3

Also, they /have/ to be harsh, that's what they're there for. Like Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation, no one wants to listen to him talk nicely about a game for five minutes, they want to hear him smear a game and make jokes about it. So it's not that they hated every part of your game, it's that they're supposed to be.


2011-01-29 23:37:51

What game are you talking about?


2012-04-19 21:03:21

To be fair... i did enjoy the Retsupurae of the game more than the actual game.
you should be happy that your game was able to even entertain the people who hated it, that is actually the most "win-win" scenario for any game developer :)