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Thank you!

2013-02-06 13:31:55 by Ms-Bowser

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I made NL, but I still log in here from time to time.
Always happy to hear from people who like the game. :)


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2013-02-06 20:27:41

Just played your game! Great job. When is the sequel coming?

Ms-Bowser responds:

Oh! Someone commented! Didn't notice until now, sorry!

I don't think there will be a sequel unfortunately.. I think what happened to the family is up to anyone's imagination to decide..
BUT, of course I think it would be fun to make something similar! :)
Keep your eyes peeled! It might take a while, but I'm still here!


2013-02-24 21:49:03

I agree with Zachary - you really ought to make a sequel! Or, if you don't want to mess with NL's ambiguous ending, perhaps something else? You have a lot of potential, I think!