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Work in progress

2014-07-11 09:03:27 by Ms-Bowser

At the moment I'm working on an RPG/Adventure called PINE.

Since referencing other games is very helpful, here goes:
It's like a lovechild between Silent Hill and Earthbound (with much in common with The Path as well)

I wanted to make an atmospheric 2D-adventure with a twist on the old turn-based battle formula.


It's being made in Rpg Maker XP, and will be finished by the end of this year.

I submitted a (pitifully unfinished) version of it here:


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2014-07-14 18:46:39

Oh God shut up

Ms-Bowser responds:

...ehm, why...?
Why do you care? xD You're hilarious, dude....


2015-09-15 00:01:45

Hi. I'm interested in downloading Pine but I'm having difficulty doing so.

Ms-Bowser responds:

Hi! :D Yeah, it's work in progress..slow progress unfortunately.

But if you want to, I can send you the zipped files by e-mail? I'd say it's about 75% complete at the moment, so you can't play to the "end".